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Pirate Icon Awards
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Welcome to pirateawards! This community was inspired by houseawards, hp_awards, stock_awards, etc. As you may already know, this is a community where you nominate yours and others' icons to get random awards. Your mods are snicketcrazy13 and frostedlipstick. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. :)


01. Do NOT HOTLINK any of your nominations. Please upload them to your own server. I'll be checking!
02. In each nomination post, you must nominate at least 3 different icon makers. NO LESS. However, you can do more, of course. (that's probably suggested)
03. You may nominate icons from yourself, but only 3 per week.
04. You don't have to nominate in every category, but it's suggested. No more than 3 nominations per category.
05. Icons that have won in the past are NOT ALLOWED to be nominated in the same category again, however they can be nominated for different categories.
06. Please try and make sure that the icons you nominate weren't already nominated in that category. However, I won't kill you if you make a mistake.
07. Please tell the MAKER of the icon(s) that you've nominated them. Otherwise, what's the point?
08. No nominating MORE THAN 20 icons a week. Total.
09. All nominees should fit LJ requirements. (no more than 40 kb; 100x100 or smaller)
10. When posting nominations, PLEASE make sure you put the maker's user name next to the icon.
11. You may, if you'd like, put your nominations behind a cut. Or not. Your choice.
12. When voting goes up, DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN ICONS.
13. You may nominate icons from the first and/or second movie (or even the third movie). :)

In your first post in the community, make the subject title "Don't touch my dirt" so that I know you've read the rules.

TIMELINE: (subject to change, of course)
Monday - Friday: Nominate! Nominate! Nominate!
Friday Night: Voting goes up
Friday - Sunday: Vote! Vote!
Sunday Night: Winners; new challenge


(witty titles, coming soon)

Best Overall Icon - the icon that is your favorite out of all your nominations. Only ONE nominee for this category, please!
Best Color Icon - the icon(s) that you feel the color stands out the most
Best Black & White Icon - the icon(s) that have black and white in them (yes, they can have color, but it has to be partly/mostly black and white)
Best Shipper Icon - the icon(s) that display a particular pairing
Best Animated Icon - the icon(s) that are animated
Best Use Of Text - the icon(s) that you feel had the best use of text
Best Simple Icon - the icon(s) that are very simple (no text; no brushes; etc.)
Best Complex Icon - the icon(s) with lots of textures, brushes, text, etc.
Best Actor or Actress icon - Have an icon of Johnny at the premiere? What about Orlando at a press conference? Or Keira in a photoshoot?
Best Funny Icon - we all love to laugh, which was the funniest?
Best Cropping - icon(s) with the best cropping
Best Emotional Icon - it could be Jack leaping for joy, or Elizabeth crying; which expresses emotion the most?
Non-Pirate Icon - Icon of dear Elizabeth? The former Commodore? Governer Swann? Evil Cutler Beckett? etc.
Most Unique - unique. need I say more?
WEEKLY SPECIAL - this category changes each week

And if you're lazy, (like me, sometimes ;D) then you can take this automatic spiffy coding! (just put in the URLs and the maker's username)


Current banner makers:

If you are interested in making the winners' banners, please let me know at this entry or email me here.



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